Energy Conservation and Automation products

This range of products consists of smart and automated generic as well as newly designed day to day life electrical products with better efficiency and a reasonable price. Products like smart spike guard, automatic switches, plug and play next-gen devices, efficient coolers and fans etc.

Our design experts have designed and developed these products with utmost dedication to give our customers an energy as well as wealth saving experience without compromising the ambiance of the environment they live or work in.

Nex-Gen Hydro Turbine

Hydro turbines are considered as a non-conventional source of energy. and it is truly powering a major sector of the world. But beholding its numerous advantages and maybe a couple of disadvantages the turbines are the machines that can be built on any scale-able extent. the conventional hydro turbines, generally installed on dams, are currently powering most of the devices around you.

There are few drawbacks associated with big water reservoirs and big turbines which can be reduced with smaller turbines. So we are keen on designing, developing and delivering customized micro-hydro turbines, i.e. the turbine smaller in size designed in a unique way by keeping the natural surrounding constraints in mind and a few modifications in traditional technical and installation aspects of turbines. We are developing a turbine that is most suitable in the environment it will be in, with maximum optimized efficiency and with the lowest possible maintenance tariffs. Our engineers are developing a novel design most suitable in all the environments and ready to install and maintain.

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