We respect our employees, our consumers, our partners and our investors, because they are without whom this will be an incomplete dream.

We are always keen on making their surroundings a better place, a happier place for them. So, we will be launching a number of initiatives  helping people, helping nature! every 6-8 months.


One day nature called to our office and asked us to rub away the carbon footprint. So, after a lot of brainstorming by our intelligent people around here, a fifth grade kid from the neighboring school told us that plants, trees and all greenery helps reduce it.

And it was it! Now, each of our employee plants a tree every week, and develop a garden to help nature, obviously, and to eat fruits, mesmerize in the beauty of flowers and also gain nutrition and breathe in fresh air!

You may also join in if you wish to, just let us know to let you know all of its perks and incentives, fill out the form below.

Some cute name!

Umm..yeah..its sort of to be named yet, and yet to start to. It is an initiative undertaken by us to help animals.

Join in to help us plan and execute it, fill out the form below.