Our Story

Most of the business stories start with the planning of who, what, how, when and so on. And they should and I won't lie, ours too started in a similar way, we are no different in that and also there is no 'but' coming up. It was just like the game of perfection, we fell into a loop and minutes later we found ourselves walking a road hand in hand, where, we all wished to be. We are a group of individuals with different yet essential capabilities heading to conquer the same fort.

Collaborating is the future, sharing resources and knowledge is the only way to exponentially improve our progress.

Kishoraditya Chaudhari,

To know us more, pick a random face from the crowd, yes, we are that common, the one who loves to scale up, to grow in many aspects, the one who dreams big but along with all this, we had a common passion and love for energy and humankind and its progress and its future. And then started all planning and singing and dancing on the ups and downs, which were exciting, overwhelming, stressful and depressing all at the same time. Of course, you can mail us for the details 😛 but won't bore you here. So, here we were, at last, creating Kaizaen, to serve the best of y(our) needs, to create a better and brighter future.

Our Approach

The existence of humankind is one of the biggest mysteries to the date, but not knowing how you exist, didn't hold it back either. Despite all the differences the one thing humans are consistent is in developing itself and its way of living. This development of an ape to us, has its pros, for sure! but this miracle of human innovation and discovery also had its dark path, we can literally see its carbon footprints on that path!

We don't deal with problems by keeping our fingers crossed or touching the wood, we read, we learn, we discuss, we talk! and solution comes down to us.

Sakshi Kulkarni,

As someone said, it is never too late, here we are catching up that pace of progress with our products and techniques that not only adds as a flag of success in the world but also leads to a greener and better tomorrow.

It is hard to do all this exclusively, in a village like enclosure, so we aim to collaborate with each and every individual, entity that are ready to get ideas or knowledge or resources flowing, to grow and make tomorrow a less frightening place.

Ignoring the digital aspects of this analog world on today's date would be a biggest mistake done so far.

Shivam Dhote,

Our Wizards

Wizards are our trusted group of collaborators on various projects.

Since powering the surroundings has become far more important, it is the need to conserve and generate energy with a foresight.

Devkumar Nishad,

Meet our Army


Meersaifali Tadsadkar

Project Wizard



Kaustaubh Tole

Project Wizard



Project Wizard 



Appu Remanan


Expert in designing and developing solutions.


Devkumar Nishad

C0-Founder & CPO

An innovator passionate about energy and nature.

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Shivam Dhote

Co-Founder & CDO

Specialist in coding solutions.


Sakshi Kulkarni

Co-Founder & COO

Clever strategist and an expert in civil and material sciences.

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Kishoraditya Chaudhari

Co-Founder & CEO

An expert in delivering innovative and creative solutions.